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Commercial photoshoot of Carriages

One of the real bonuses of my job is the wide variety of people I meet, places I travel to and things I get to shoot. Different day, different office. Exemplified by my recent commercial photoshoot for a company that hires out horse drawn carriages to the film and television industry. The business was created in 1950 and is still going strong with the likes of Hollywood making use of their services. If it is pulled by a horse they almost certainly have an example or two – Hansom cabs, State carriages, Trams, Field guns, Ambulances, Chariots, Hearses! Every time you watch a period drama their carriages are probably on your screen.

Moving a carriage by hand at a commercial photoshoot by Mark In Time Photography

The biggest challenge I faced was the sheer variety in size and finish of the various carriages, it meant that the lighting had to be adjusted for each and every vehicle. No small task with over 200 carriages to shoot. The brief was to shoot the carriages against a green chromakey backdrop this created its own problems with green spill on any vehicle with a shiny finish needing to be controlled.

It was a strenuous and time consuming task for the staff to manhandle all of the carriages on and off of the set, then giving each a quick spruce up.



I loved the details in the chariots, how best to bring it all out was the challenge. I opted to build a large scrim and fix it in place directly over the chariots. Then careful positioning of 2 lights both on giraffe booms gave me the look and the detail I was looking for.


If your looking to hire carriages for a production you are planning then head on over to


Commercial photoshoot of horse drawn carriages by Mark In Time Photography Product shoot


If you require commercial images for your business website, annual report, marketing materials, staff headshots, product shots, please get in touch to discuss your needs and get a quote. Mark@markintimephotography.co.uk


Charity Abseil in aid of Blind Veterans Association

The Charity Abseil held in aid of The Blind Veterans Association, saw over 100 participants abseil from the roof of Brighton's Grand Hotel.

Young girl taking part in charity abseil Mark In Time PhotographyTwo abseilers standing on the roof of The Grand Hotel BrightonMark In Time Photography-8593

Mark In Time Photography-8647Mark In Time Photography-8654Mark In Time Photography-8584

Firewalk in aid of St.Joseph’s Hospice

A group of 33 fearless firewalkers marched their way over hot coals on Wednesday evening at St Joseph’s Hospice, raising almost £11,500 between them.

It was a perfect evening for the ultimate challenge, with teams from local businesses, people walking in memory of a loved one, St Joseph’s Hospice staff and volunteers walking barefoot on hot embers at a mean temperature of 1236 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat was intense and so was the passion from everyone who took part.

Firewalk staff making the fire

Hot work

Andy Holdsworth giving a Poi demonstration by Mark In Time Photography

Poi - that's hot




Firewalker walking across hot coals by Mark In Time Photography

It's hot

Firewalker walking across hot coals by Mark In Time Photography





Local Firefighter Joe Jackson based at Bethnal Green fire station said, “So I did a firewalk to raise money for St Joseph's Hospice.  Yes, this meant walking on burning hot coals. As a firefighter I didn't know what to expect or how I was going to physically manage this.  With some intense training the whole team of firewalkers managed the seemingly impossible, overcoming our doubts and fears to successfully raise a healthy amount of money for St Joseph’s.

Book Mark In Time for your Firewalk

Mark In Time Photography was there to capture the brave souls as they traversed the coals and did their firewalk for St.Joseph's.

We specialise in capturing fantastic images of your participants in the challenging conditions presented by shooting a firewalk in the dark, without destroying the magic of the fire.

The images provide a brilliant memento of your participants achievement. They are extremely popular for those taking part and as part of a successful event we are happy to donate back to your good cause from our takings. Images are also available to you FOC for your Social Media, marketing and advertising purposes following the event. So if you have a charity firewalk or abseil coming up get in touch call Mark on 07968533809.


Firewalk group Mark In Time Photography

Well Done


It costs over £14 million to run St Joseph’s Hospice each year. We need to raise £7 million each year through charitable donations.


My Next Lightroom Workshop

Lightroom Workshop for Everyone

My next Lightroom Training take will take place on Wednesday 11th February in Milton Keynes. Whether you are a complete Lightroom novice, hobbyist, enthusiast or pro there will be plenty to learn during this very busy day. So check out the link to my training webpage where there is more information. Then pick up the phone and book. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Importing Raw Images

Lightroom Workshop Milton Keynes Mark In Time Photography Training

Raw image imported after setting custom import default

Lightroom Workshop Milton Keynes Mark In Time Photography

Raw image imported using Lightroom's default settings


The 2 images of St.Lukes, Church in Duston, Northampton reveal a problem many people experience. The Raw file examined on the camera's LCD looks great. You import into Lightroom and the image looks completely different! What's going on? This is just one of the issues I deal with and it will allow you to reproduce what you see on your LCD in Lightroom, on import, no editing required. Straight away your starting point is much further along saving you valuable time.

I will also deal with colour management in a simple way and explain how to get what you see on your monitor out of your printer FIRST time, saving you pounds on wasted prints.

These are just 2 of the subjects covered. If you have something you are struggling with then let me know when you book and I will ensure you go away with all of the answers you need.

If you don't have a laptop or even Lightroom for that matter, I can supply a laptop loaded with the latest version, for you to use on the day.

More Info

This Lightroom Workshop will improve your editing skills immensely. It will probably be the best training day you do this year so pick up the phone and BOOK NOW 07968533809.

For more about what is included in the day please follow this link to my Training section on the website. Lightroom Training.

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