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Lightroom Workshop for Everyone

My next Lightroom Training take will take place on Wednesday 11th February in Milton Keynes. Whether you are a complete Lightroom novice, hobbyist, enthusiast or pro there will be plenty to learn during this very busy day. So check out the link to my training webpage where there is more information. Then pick up the phone and book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Importing Raw Images

Lightroom Workshop Milton Keynes Mark In Time Photography Training

Raw image imported after setting custom import default

Lightroom Workshop Milton Keynes Mark In Time Photography

Raw image imported using Lightroom’s default settings


The 2 images of St.Lukes, Church in Duston, Northampton reveal a problem many people experience. The Raw file examined on the camera’s LCD looks great. You import into Lightroom and the image looks completely different! What’s going on? This is just one of the issues I deal with and it will allow you to reproduce what you see on your LCD in Lightroom, on import, no editing required. Straight away your starting point is much further along saving you valuable time.

I will also deal with colour management in a simple way and explain how to get what you see on your monitor out of your printer FIRST time, saving you pounds on wasted prints.

These are just 2 of the subjects covered. If you have something you are struggling with then let me know when you book and I will ensure you go away with all of the answers you need.

If you don’t have a laptop or even Lightroom for that matter, I can supply a laptop loaded with the latest version, for you to use on the day.

More Info

This Lightroom Workshop will improve your editing skills immensely. It will probably be the best training day you do this year so pick up the phone and BOOK NOW 07968533809.

For more about what is included in the day please follow this link to my Training section on the website. Lightroom Training.

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