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Baby Portrait Photography – is it luck or skill?

Baby portrait photography

I love the challenge that photographing babies presents. There are some important considerations such as the time of day, too late and baby is likely to be tired. Temperature, you need a comfortable working temperature to keep baby smiling. Feeding time, if its getting close to feeding time baby might be grumpy. The challenges also vary at the different stages of development. Once they reach the talking stage it gets easy as they quickly relate to my inner child. 🙂

In the studio I love the clean simple white background. There are no distractions its all about the subject. Once baby has settled I think the most important thing is to keep your eye glued to the viewfinder because sod’s law will ensure that if you put that camera down, shot of the session will come and go before you can say Frozen!!!!

There is still time to book a portrait session before Christmas for baby or the whole family. Call Mark on 07968533809 – don’t leave it too long!

Baby portrait photography by Mark In Time Photography Buckingham

Isobel with her dollies

Baby Portrait Photography in Northampton by Mark In Time Photography


Baby Portrait Photography by Mark In Time Photography Buckingham

A cheeky smile









Isobel was a darling and once comfortable in front of the camera gave me a great selection of expressions my favourite being the cheeky smile. The most satisfying thing with baby, children and kids photography is the little tear in the corner of mum’s eye when she views the final images. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have moved somebody with your images.

Conclusion – luck or skill?

So luck or skill? I like to think my childish nature is a real help but as the old saying goes, the more I practise the luckier I get. I’ll take that.


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I recently did an Underwater Shoot with Emily. She was dressed as a Fairy and was the most fantastic model. As you can see below.

Underwater kids Photography Girl Dressed Fairy Underwater Children Kids Babies Portrait Photography Mark In Time Photography Northampton

Underwater kids Photography Girl dresssed as fairy underwater baby babies children Milton Keynes

I have been photographing below the waves for many years. I am now going to bring those years of experience to the pool. The pool enviroment is a little different to the open ocean and adds its own set of problems. With a good deal of practice I have now arrived at a lighting set up that I am happy will produce top quality images.
I am aiming to produce a set of unique and stunning images that will be a talking point for many years to come. It can be just one child, you and your child or the whole family.

Have a look at the Underwater Kids Photography page on the website.

Underwater Kids Photography in Northampton

I have a great venue that is available for underwater shoots in Northampton. It’s great fun with the kids really enjoying the session. We have costumes for dressing up if that is of interest. You are welcome to bring your own costume along but we will have to inspect it to make certain it is safe to use in the water. Safety is very high up on the agenda. Safety divers are present in the water at all times to ensure a safe shoot.
Please get in touch to book an underwater shoot. Ring me on 07968533809 it would be great to hear from you.

Underwater Model Shoot in The Pipeline

I am currently planning an underwater shoot with a couple of dancers. Hopefully this will take place in April. Keep your eyes peeled for the images they should be rather special. Lots of bright, flowing colour and movement.

Equine Portrait Photography – Northampton

Owner and horse Equine Portrait Photography Northamptonshire Northampton Daventry Towcester

My Equine Portrait Photography has developed from my many years photographing all types of Equestrian events around the country.

I am happy photographing your horse, with you, your family and dog if you wish, indoors or out.


More Equine Portrait Photography from my Website

Please follow this link to my Equine Portrait Gallery on my Website.
To contact me for more information or to book a portrait session. Please use the Contact Form.

Horse and Rider Black Background Equine Portrait Photography Northampton Daventry Towcester Wellingborough Kettering
Black Horse at Sunset Equine Portrait Photography Northamptonshire

Lightroom Training Day

Lightroom Training Day Mark In Time Photography-

Lightroom Training Day, Shedding Light on Lightroom will take place in Northampton on Wednesday 5th February 2014. The cost is £60 for the day which will include tea, coffee, biscuits and lunch along with some course notes. Please get in touch if you would like to attend.

Lightroom Training links to more information

You will find more details about what is included in the day over on the MIT Website.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the new Shedding Light on Lightroom channel over on YouTube. A series of videos that will hopefully grow into a valuable resource. You will find the Google+ page here and I will announce when the first video goes live shortly.