Underwater Kids Photography with Emily

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I recently did an Underwater Shoot with Emily. She was dressed as a Fairy and was the most fantastic model. As you can see below.

Underwater kids Photography Girl Dressed Fairy Underwater Children Kids Babies Portrait Photography Mark In Time Photography Northampton

Underwater kids Photography Girl dresssed as fairy underwater baby babies children Milton Keynes

I have been photographing below the waves for many years. I am now going to bring those years of experience to the pool. The pool enviroment is a little different to the open ocean and adds its own set of problems. With a good deal of practice I have now arrived at a lighting set up that I am happy will produce top quality images.
I am aiming to produce a set of unique and stunning images that will be a talking point for many years to come. It can be just one child, you and your child or the whole family.

Have a look at the Underwater Kids Photography page on the website.

Underwater Kids Photography in Northampton

I have a great venue that is available for underwater shoots in Northampton. It’s great fun with the kids really enjoying the session. We have costumes for dressing up if that is of interest. You are welcome to bring your own costume along but we will have to inspect it to make certain it is safe to use in the water. Safety is very high up on the agenda. Safety divers are present in the water at all times to ensure a safe shoot.
Please get in touch to book an underwater shoot. Ring me on 07968533809 it would be great to hear from you.

Underwater Model Shoot in The Pipeline

I am currently planning an underwater shoot with a couple of dancers. Hopefully this will take place in April. Keep your eyes peeled for the images they should be rather special. Lots of bright, flowing colour and movement.

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